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When we first went vegan, it was not as easy to find simple recipes that had ingredients that we could actually find in our local stores.  So I began creating them based on non-vegan versions.  I still prefer real food and easy recipes to the fake vegan versions that some people think vegans must eat.  

I like simple and real.  If you do too, you will fit right in here. 🙂


I started this website after my son was getting daily questions about what he ate from his friends at school. He is allergic to eggs, milk and peanuts among other things.  He has always been very conscious about his food because of his allergies.  

He became interested in cooking at around age 7-8 and is now our full-time chef in the family.  It all started one night when he asked to make dinner for the whole family.  Even though, it was nothing special...just spaghetti, he was basically hooked from then on. 


I love sharing all the yummy recipes we have come up with over the years so we can help other rookie and veteran vegan families with meal planning.


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What Vegan Kids Eat

Candace Towner


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What vegan kids eat - 5 day vegan challenge - meal planning

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